Campaign News

El Camino College in midst of historic Board of Trustees election | Rob Kuznia, The Daily Breeze, 10/25/13



• Torrance councilman is making his mark | John Bogert, The Daily Breeze, 5/13/09

I could go on about [Numark’s] grasp of the details at the risk of boring those of us who aren’t terribly interested in local government.

And the fact is, most of us aren’t, which makes Numark’s enthusiasm so unusually infectious. He actually wants the public involved and eagerly reading daily updates on governmental plans and services on their home PCs.

“It’s the best way to ensure efficiency and involvement,” he said, like he just might win over the whole town.

Blood Work [PDF] | Muhammed El-Hasan, The Daily Breeze, 12/03/07

Numark is a “very dynamic leader,” said Charles Wilcox, CEO of Red Cross Blood Services for the Southern California region.

“When I think of dynamic, I think of someone who’s very mission driven and who is able to inspire people,” Wilcox said. […] “I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone who is as community driven as him.”


Letters and other submissions

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