Two Weeks Until Election Day

Two Weeks Until Election Day

The election is coming down to the wire. Thank you for all you have done so far – nearly every elected official in Torrance and Redondo Beach has endorsed my candidacy.

However, turnout is anticipated to be very low, so we need to make sure supporters turn out at the polls (or mail in their ballots). Please email if you can help reach out to voters by walking or calling. Please also let us know if you’d like a lawn sign!

We are trying to raise funds for one last mailer – if you can make a contribution, it would really help!

You can also email your friends who live in South Redondo, South Torrance, West Torrance and Southeast Torrance. (See map for Area #5). Just copy-paste (or edit as you see fit) the text below:

Cliff Numark, Councilman in the City of Torrance, is running for El Camino College Trustee. I am supporting him in the Nov. 5 election because he has demonstrated proven leadership on the Council.

He has balanced budgets while maintaining reserves. He has cut wasteful spending to pay for more police officers. He has saved $300,000 annually while protecting the environment by instituting energy efficiency programs. He set up the seminar series, Seniors: Don’t Be Scammed. He catalyzed the first private sector-led business incubator in Torrance, to help start up firms.

He has been endorsed by Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto; Redondo Beach Mayor Steve Aspel; all members of the Torrance Council, Torrance School Board, and Redondo Beach School Board; the treasurers of Torrance and Redondo Beach; and Supervisor Don Knabe.

Cliff will take his proven leadership to El Camino College – helping transition students to the college, freeing up more classes for students, and connecting students to jobs.

Please make your mark for Numark on Nov. 5!


El Camino is a great place – and I’d like to continue great efforts that are underway.

Thank you so much for your incredible support!

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